1. Conventional Covered Yarn

Take Spandex (OP) the elastic fiber as the center core, establishes the different multiple again, with the different type hard gauze, the way which ties down, the Spandex complete gable, causes the fabric process to wash in the process, enables Spandex to be allowed to receive the hard gauze completest protection, makes the fabric the life to lengthen, the general common specification has the single pocket to cover the gauze, gable gauze..

› A: Single Covered Yarn -SCY

Single Covered Yarn - Conventional is wrapped by a single non-elastic filament yarn. It can be divided into two specifications-Z twist yarn (clockwise) , S-twist yarn(anti-clockwise).It is usually used in Z twist in Lycra fabric. But socks, underwear will used both S and Z according to body structure of characters. Application: Tights、Woven fabrics、Flat knitting、Narrow fabrics、Circular knitting

› B: Double Covered Yarn -DCY

Double Covered Yarn - Conventional is wrapped by two yarns in opposite directions .One is S twist yarns, and the other is Z twist yarns (outer cover and inner cover) ,.It is very good for weaving and knitting than SCY, the different of number of TPM will make various sense of touch.

Application: Tights、Woven fabrics、Flat knitting、Narrow fabrics、Circular knitting

2. Core Twisted Yarn

Core Twist Yarn is that we twist any fiber together non-elastic fiber such as cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, acrylic. It can combinate the advantage in different yarn.

Application: Sweater、Flat knitting threads、Woven fabrics

3. Compound Yarns

Synthetic fiber-filament is as core yarn, which is covered with natural spun or artificial spun. It is anti-wrinkle, anti-wash and amends the flaw of textile- easy-wrinkle and ironed textile only can be wore after washing.

Application: Sweater、Flat knitting、Woven fabrics

4. Air-Jet Covered Yarn / Intermingled Yarn

Air Jet Covered Yarns are covered by a multi-filament artificial yarn by air jets. Air-Jet Covered Yarns/Intermingled Yarns only can be use filament but not suitable for spun.

Application: socks / Twisted Yarn、Flat knitting thread、Woven fabrics、Circular knitting

Conventional Single Covered Yarn Conventional Double Covered Yarn Core Twisted Yarn Compound yarn Air-Jet Covered Yarn
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